Paul Burgoyne
Studio Gallery

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Welcome to my website and thank you for coming. You may find my artistic style difficult to define at first glance, as experimentation and the use of multiple techniques and materials drive my work and allow me to explore conceptual themes surrounding my own experiences and sensitivities. The experimental nature of my art results in a rather eclectic body of work, but it is precisely that unpredictable result that constitutes its consistency. It is those unique variations and surprises that I seek in order to stimulate interaction. I use whatever material, style or technique I feel will best interpellate viewers and invite them to look at the world from other perspectives.  
I want my art to be optically interesting and demand attention and I expect, or at least hope it will define its surroundings. I have no interest in taking you to a place of complete and utter Zen – I want you to be engaged. I hope to draw you in and evoke your emotions while you ponder the creation of each piece. 
I am continually experimenting with new methods and materials in an attempt to provoke a dialogue. However futile my intentions may or may not be, I truly hope that you take the time to look beyond and beneath.

Enjoy the chaos.
Faberjay  2016
48 x 72
Acrylic and Oil on canvas