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Here are some photos of my first Studio Open House at 338 - 1000 Parker Street in Vancouver. 
Manuela Costantino
Anne Percival Fine
Lillian Cornell 
Sherry Cooper
Bob Shinkarik
Bob Mcconkey
Alex MicNeil
Belinda Paulsen
Russ Hennessey
Jayne Burgoyne
Alex MacNeil 
Diane Crombie
Russ and Dianne Riffell
 Charles Seeberg
Tom Boyd
Although we do not have a photo, another prominent artist that came to the Open House is Yared Nigussu 604-442-4732
Herman Zheng - Prominent Chinese artist.  His studio is in Richmond and it is open on Sundays Call: 604-2827709 or
Many thanks to one and all.

Ever since my first painting in 1971, I have dreamed of becoming a full-time artist but my perceived expectations by others and endless fiscal responsibilities had fed my procrastination for far too many years. To declare myself an artist, exposing myself to failure at my age was emotionally difficult. Last December I basically locked myself in my new studio and painted 10 hours a day in hopes that something good would come of it. I completed 43 new works in time for my Open House on May 19th but as the event approached, it became apparent to me that I was approaching a nervous meltdown. To my astonishment, the event was a roaring success far beyond my expectations by any measure.

I am not sure exactly how to thank all of you for the overwhelming support I have received since declaring my vow of poverty. Ever since I started sending out invitations to my first Open House, messages of encouragement have poured in from all across the globe. Surprisingly, I even received good wishes from some who I am sure, given my brassy personality and history of bad habits, have had very little use for me in the past, which is not only a pleasant surprise but also a testament to mankind’s love of art and inevitable memory loss.

For all of you who wrote such kind letters of support and those who came to my open house, I will always be grateful. For the many of you who actually purchased one or more of my paintings, I cannot overemphasize the gratification I feel knowing that my art will be hanging in your homes - I may even remove an appendage or two to add to their value.

My sincere thanks,